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Fashion Bomb Daily Shop is your go-to marketplace for emerging multicultural designers. Born from a passion for fashion and a commitment to fostering talent, we're here to revolutionize the industry.

Our Mission

We exist to empower independent designers, offering them a platform to showcase their talent globally. We believe in fashion as a universal language that transcends borders and backgrounds.

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Explore our curated collections to express your individuality and celebrate diverse cultures through fashion. Join us in redefining style and supporting the next generation of designers. Welcome to Fashion Bomb Daily Shop.

about founder

Claire Siobhan Sulmers is the CEO and Founder of Fashion Bomb Daily, one of the most influential media and retail companies in the world. Her pioneering work ushered in a new wave of digital journalism and e-commerce that fed and fueled an under-served community of diverse fashion lovers who wanted to see themselves reflected in popular culture while learning more about celebrity style, design, and international trends

Beyond developing and directing content for FashionBomb Daily and its affiliate sites, Sulmers has done extensive style writing for other platforms including Vogue Italia , Vogue Paris , and ESSENCE Magazine. Her body of work and online following - now numbered above two million - has made Ms. Sulmers the influencer of choice for major corporate brands who want to reach her audience including Toyota, Verizon, Macy's, and others.

Ms.Sulmers, who hails from Atlanta, Georgia, holds a degree in Romance Languages and Literatures and African American studies from Harvard University. In 17 years, Claire has accumulated over 2 million followers, written a book “The Bomb Life”, and now Leads a Team of 20 for Fashion Bomb Daily's media, e-commerce, marketing, and event platforms.