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Sai Sankoh White Lurex Kaftan
Sai Sankoh

Sai Sankoh White Lurex Kaftan

$345.00 USD

She is an art connoisseur, whenever she travels to a new destination she has a tradition of taking a piece of art back home with her, whether it’s a painting or an item, fashion is also her art. She is obsessed with Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dali, she is rich with knowledge as she studies Art History and loves to read about the Ancient Egyptian era in her free time, her attire tends to fit a different era as well, hence her choice to wear this white Lurex kaftan with it’s rich colors, and sheerness that gives it that sensuality that fits her so well.


Measurements: Width: 72 inches, Length 55 inches

Fabric: Viscose Georgette

One Size Fits All. 

📸 @thatrichauntie


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