Raphaela Green Snakeskin Crop Top and Pant Set
Raphaela Green Snakeskin Crop Top and Pant Set

Raphaela Green Snakeskin Crop Top and Pant Set

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As a celebrity personal trainer, Rafaela is always on the move. Her clients include actors who need to be trained for big budget action movies, athletes that need to get in shape for their upcoming season, and new mothers who need to get in shape after recently delivering their new baby. She travels to meet her clients wherever they may be, whether it’s on a set in London, or at their home in LA. As if that didn’t keep her busy enough, the Brazilian beauty is also in the process of opening up her third gym. She splits her time between New York and LA, this time around she will be launching a gym in New York. Her husband has decided to throw her a party to celebrate this momentous occasion. Rafeala will be wearing a gorgeous green snakeskin crop top and pant set to show off that hard earned physique.

Crop Top and Pants. Jacket not Included.

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