Pink and Green Elena Giraffe Print Pants
Pink and Green Elena Giraffe Print Pants

Pink and Green Elena Giraffe Print Pants

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She is a weather woman who covers the latest weather on the local morning news but after her weather coverage, she puts on another hat as a jewelry designer. Elena has been designing jewelry for years, it was a family trade that her mother passed on to her growing up. She started with friendship bracelets, and now has moved on to pure gold and silver, and some of the most beautiful exotic stones like emeralds, sapphire, amber, jasper, among many others. She has grown her brand from the ground up, she started online, and this summer she will be leaving her job as a weather woman and moving to Aruba with her family, where she will be launching her first jewelry boutique. She already plans on wearing her vibrant pink and lime green printed pants while showcasing her collection of jewelry. The pants will flow perfectly with the island breeze and even better with her sister kaftan Leonora.

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Measurements: L:45 inches Hips: 60 inches, Waist: up to 44 inches
Fabric: Polyester Crepe
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