Sai Sankoh Marisol Blue Printed Kaftan

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As a historian, Marisol is very much so fascinated with the past but lately she’s been fascinated with the future, specifically her future which is taking her to Milan, where she will be teaching history to her students at the University of Milan. She spent years working as a historian, and when she was provided with the opportunity to share her years of experience and knowledge with her eager students, she jumped at the opportunity. When she isn’t giving lectures or grading essays, Marisol explores the city of Milan in her purple and blue goddess kaftan, she styles it with piles of jewelry and sandals, and sometimes pairs it with her sister pants, Montana.


Fabric: Viscose Chiffon
Width: 70 inches
Length: 55 inches


Fabric: Viscose Chiffon
One Size Fits All.