Sai Sankoh High Neck Neon and Black Cheetah Print Cut Out Dress

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She is an unconventional woman who lives her life for herself and not by conventional societal standards. As a child she would often write and sketch pictures and eventually it lead her to evolve into a comic book writer. Now she writes for DC comics and has created a powerful female superhero character, who is a politician according to the world’s eyes, but secretly a superhero, whose powers include teleportation, super strength, eye lasers, and a cape that acts as a shield to protect her from harm. This year at comic con she will be promoting her forth comic book release in her comic book franchise. She will also be making a big announcement that her comic book is being adapted into a movie, and is currently filming and will be released next year on the big screen. Lavinia will be rocking this sexy high neck neon and black cheetah print side and back cutout bodycon dress. She wants to look the part as she stands in front of an audience, and this bold statement dress is sure to get the job done, it gives sexy superhero vibes.

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